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Residual EO/ECH Analysis

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Accelerated Aging

Also referred to as accelerated shelf-life testing, is a widespread practice across various industries. By exposing samples to high temperatures, this test assesses the impact of time on products. IETQAN has performed Accelerated Aging on an array of medical devices.

The Accelerated Aging process operates on the principle that chemical reaction rates increase with temperature. By using higher temperatures, the aging process can be expedited artificially, mimicking real-time aging. Manufacturers can leverage the results of Accelerated Aging tests to hasten their products’ time-to-market and ensure safety and efficiency. It is crucial to conduct both Real-Time and Accelerated Aging studies simultaneously to determine the product’s claimed shelf life.

IETQAN’s accredited laboratory provides Accelerated Aging testing as per ASTM F1980. With 10 years of experience in testing.

Residual EO/ECH Analysis

IETQAN Testing Services

What is the purpose of Accelerated Aging tests?

Accelerated Aging tests offer valuable insight into the effects of time and environmental conditions on a product and its packaging. With this information, manufacturers can:

  • Accurately identify shelf life.
  • Establish expiration dates.
  • Comply with regulatory standards.
  • Get products to market faster and with less risk.
Residual EO/ECH Analysis

IETQAN Testing Services

How do Accelerated Aging tests work?

Accelerated Aging tests subject products to elevated temperatures to study their reaction to aging processes during transportation, use, and storage. The Arrhenius equation is used to evaluate a product’s chemical response to temperature and relative humidity.

However, elevated temperatures can damage materials when the glass transition temperature is reached, so a conservative approach is recommended.

Regulatory authorities Aknowledge Accelerated Aging data only when correlated to Real-Time samples. Real-Time Aging is conducted at ambient temperature for the intended duration, IETQAN can perform it at specific time points to correlate with Accelerated Aging test data.

Residual EO/ECH Analysis

IETQAN Testing Services

What is the Arrhenius equation?

The Arrhenius equation relates the rate constant of a chemical reaction, absolute temperature, and the aging factor. It shows that a temperature increase of 10°C doubles the reaction rate (known as a Q10 factor of 2). This equation is commonly used to calculate Accelerated Aging and simulate real-world shelf-life aging, documenting expiration dates and testing shelf-life claims.