We believes in perfection, and it's not just a name for us; it's our core driver and the code we strive to uphold.

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11 Ahram St. Heliopolis, Cairo - Egypt.

+2 0100 566 1300


IETQAN Medical Devices Services

ETO Sterilizer Validation

IETQAN provides ETO Sterilizer Validation services to ensure the safety of medical instruments. Our team of experts has extensive experience in validation and testing, making us the ideal partner.

IETQAN Testing Services

Steam Sterilizer Validation

IETQAN believes in perfection, and it’s not just a name for us; it’s our core driver and the code we strive to uphold. Our logo represents the DNA as a symbol of a perfect object, which is what we aim to achieve in everything we do.

IETQAN Medical Devices Services

Clean Room Validation

IETQAN conducts meticulous cleanroom HVAC validations in accordance with ISO 14644 requirements, ensuring critical processes are executed under controlled conditions in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.